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What We Get Wrong about Worship | RELEVANT Magazine

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My friend Matt Damico (Worship Pastor at Kenwood Baptist Church) has a good post at Relevant Magazine on the misconception that Christian worship should be private: 

Occasionally, someone asks me for a worship song recommendation, or I need someone to listen to a song for some reason. When that happens, I do what any good person does: go to YouTube. I can find a song, grab the link, send it off, and nobody has to buy or download anything. It’s great.

Even though I look for a simple, basic video to pass along, I inevitably run across multiple videos for songs full of stock Christian images, like a slideshow set to music. These videos make a couple things clear: first, some people have too much time on their hands. Second, wrong ideas about worship are all over the place.

These wrong ideas come out in the all-too-common pictures of someone standing alone in a field, or on a mountain, or in an empty church, with their hands held high. You’ve seen these pictures, and not just on YouTube. The Christian bookstore or blog nearest you surely features similar shots. The implication in these images is that true worship, our most sincere moments with God, come when we’re alone.

Read the rest here: What We Get Wrong about Worship | RELEVANT Magazine

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August 13, 2015 at 1:46 pm

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