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Albert Mohler on Childlessness and Contraception

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Today, World Mag posted an interview with Albert Mohler about his tenure as president at Southern Seminary. It is a very interesting article. One of the questions concerns his view of childlessness and contraception. I appreciate his response: 

In the Bible, childlessness is always discussed as something that is grievous and a cause for sorrow rather than a cause for joy. There are purposes for which people were childless in the Bible, but that’s much like what Paul argued in I Corinthians 7 about someone who was unmarried. You’re unmarried for a purpose that is tied to the gospel. The idea that healthy married people, a man or woman who are married together would choose childlessness just as a lifestyle is alien from the Scripture. If that’s controversial, just try to find any hole in that argument from the Bible. I don’t think you’re going to find it. In fact, I’m confident you won’t.

Contraception is not as easy of a question to answer as you might think or people might want. The Roman Catholic Church has an easy answer, and that is no to any kind of artificial contraception. Quite frankly, their definition of natural stretches the imagination of what natural means. What we do need to recognize is that evangelicals just joined the contraceptive bandwagon unthinkingly, unreflectively, and, I think, unfaithfully, and just thought that any pill had to be a good pill. It has unleashed far more sorrow than joy in this world and has led to an understanding that babies are now simply an elective accessory and has made every pregnancy a tentative pregnancy. You have to put that alongside the availability of legal abortion. By the time you put together the triumvirate of no fault divorce, the availability of contraception, and the availability of abortion on demand, what you have is a situation that has just completely transformed the value of life as recognized by this society.

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March 26, 2015 at 1:27 pm

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Adoption Video for Crossway

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In March of this year the Adopting for Life conference was in Louisville, KY. A friend of ours asked if we would like to be interviewed by Crossway (who published Russell Moore’s book, “Adopted for Life“) about our upcoming adoption. The interview is now on Vimeo here, and will be on the Crossway blog sometime soon (we’re not really sure when).

At the time when this video was shot we were one week away from picking up our two kids from Ethiopia. I think you can see how excited we were, and how pretty my wife is . . .

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July 29, 2010 at 8:04 pm

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A Birthday Full of Joy

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My sweet wife sent emailed me this today for my birthday, with this caption (if you’re using a reader you have to click on vimeo link to see the video):


We love you more than words could ever express. God has blessed us immeasurably by giving us the gift of YOU as a husband and father. Thank you for working hard every day for us, thank you for leading our home in integrity and wisdom, thank you for loving Jesus most of all.

I don’t deserve you. But I’m so thankful God has been gracious to allow me to be married to you!

It’s a joy (and an easy thing!) to celebrate the day God made this world a better place by putting you in it.

Can’t wait to see you later on today!

Happy Birthday, Daddy! from Jennifer Philpot on Vimeo.

And then we played in water all day…

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July 23, 2010 at 12:04 am

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